• April 4th - International Day for Mine Awareness

      On April 4, 2016 Tajikistan National Mine Action Center (TNMAC) with UNDP Support to Tajikistan Mine Action Programme and participation of the UN agencies and Government of Tajikistan representatives, international organization such as OSCE, EU, NPA, FSD, ICRC and representatives of donor countries such as the US, France, UK, Iran, Afghanistan, Japan embassies as well as other national NGOs will commemorated the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action.

    • Navruz brings joy and health to population of Dusti district of Khatlon

      Residents of Dusti district, Khatlon region continue celebrating Navruz holiday. The opening ceremony of the rural health center took place on March 23, 2016. Deputy Chairman of the district, local authorities and representatives of UNDP in Tajikistan were welcomed by people living in Panjrud village with music and songs.

    • UN Peace Building Support Office (PBSO’s) Advisory Group and staff in B. Gafurov district of Sugd

      April 4, 2016 This morning members of the UN Peace Building Support Office (PBSO’s) Advisory Group and staff, led by Director and Deputy Head of PBSO Ms. Mari Yamashita, and a UN Tajikistan team led by UNDP Country Director Jan Harfst, met with the Head of B.Gafurov district Mr. Naziri Zarif Valizoda and other district representatives. The meeting was devoted to issues of cooperation in order to prevent tensions in the border area as well as to strengthen good neighborly relations between communities living along the Tajik- Kyrgyz border. The Chairmen of Khistevarz and Ovchikalacha municipalities of B.Gafurov district, heads of the district departments on youth and women and family affairs as well as several community activists took part in the meeting. The meeting focused on ways in which project activities can contribute to strengthening community ties and cooperation. A number of initiatives – including one dealing with rehabilitation of trade school facilities for traditional crafts that was presented by woman activist from Ovchikalacha – were discussed during the meeting. This meeting was organized in the frame of the “Cross-border cooperation for sustainable peace and development” project which is supported by UN Peace Building Fund (PBF)/PBSO and Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC). The project was launched in December 2015 and is being implemented by five UN agencies in Tajikistan (UNDP, UNICEF, UN WFP, UN WOMEN, UN FAO)

    • UN Peace Building Support Office (PBSO’s) Advisory Group and staff in Isfara district of Sugd

      April 4, 2016 The Head of Isfara city Mr. Dilshod Rasulzoda Jabbori also hosted the UN PBSO and UN Tajikistan delegation. During the meeting participants discussed initiatives aimed at strengthening cross-border relations and further steps for developing close cooperation between local authorities and UN agencies in efforts to address the sources of tensions between border communities of Isfara district in Tajikistan and Batken district in Kyrgyzstan. The mission then visited the border village of Somoniyon in Chorkuh municipality, which is adjacent to the Kyrgyz village of Koktash. Local residents, women and men, warmly welcomed the guests. During the conversation they highlighted the problems the community currently faces in its relations with its neighbors. They proposed projects aimed not only at resolving the existing problems but also contributing to the improvement of relations with their neighbors. The mission’s next meeting was with residents of Langari Bifotimai Zahro settlement of Chorkuh municipality. Residents gathered near a pump station which supplies irrigation water to their farmlands. Construction of the pump was supported by UNDP in 2015. This facility was built for the purposes of addressing the problem of water shortages and unauthorized access by the residents to a channel located in the territory of Kyrgyzstan. It is expected that UN agencies in Tajikistan will work on a number of similar initiatives in the framework of the current project supported by PBF/PBSO.

What We Do

UNDP has been on the ground in Tajikistan since 1994. Nowadays, Tajikistan is a peaceful and stable country, with a rapidly developing economy. However, it is still simultaneously facing challenges of transition, a post-conflict state and of “ordinary” poverty reduction. UNDP’s programme in the country consequently represents a broad spectrum of activities, within all five practice areas.

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Country Programme Document for Tajikistan (2016-2020)

The country programme outlines UNDP contributions to national results and serves as the primary unit of accountability to the Executive Board for results alignment and resources assigned to the programme at country level.

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