Annual Project Report 2012. Disaster Risk Management Programme.

31 Dec 2012 (360 KB)



This report discusses the activities and achievements in 2012 of the Disaster Risk Management Programme and discusses lessons learnt and implementation challenges.
The Disaster Risk Management Programme (DRMP) is the primary mechanism through which UNDP addresses disaster preparedness, response, recovery and risk reduction in Tajikistan and is running its third phase (2010‐2015). DRMP was originally established in 2003. DRMP’s efforts have grown, both in scope and in value, over the past four years: in 2006, the Programme budget was $0.5 million, in 2007 $0.8 million, in 2008 $3.9 million and in 2009 $ 2.8 million. The overall objective of DRM Programme is to “decrease the risk of natural and man‐made hazards to rural and urban livelihoods, and ensure infrastructure and recovery mechanisms in place”.

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