National Human Development Report 2008 – 2009: Employment in the context of human development.

01 Jan 2010 (10.0 MB)


Employment level is a significant determinant of the poverty level in Tajikistan. In 2007 the abject poverty reached 17%, while 53.5%1 of the population remained under the poverty line. This, principally, influences the state of formal and informal employment which, in their turn, influence the scale and level of poverty in the country determining thereby the tendencies of human development.
The world financial crisis of 2008-2009 had a significant effect on poverty in Tajikistan. Presently, the level of poverty is estimated at 58-60% nearly returning the country to the level of poverty of 2003 – (64%). Government social policy should aim to solve the full spectrum of social problems to meet the populations’ need for decent and stable employment.

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