UNDP Gharm Area Office

UNDP Gharm Area Office initiated its activities in 1996 in 5 districts of the Rasht Valley (Rasht, Nurobod, Tavildara, Tojikobod and Jergatol), in response to the consequences of the Civil War. From 1996 to 2001, UNDP Gharm area office was mainly reconstructing and rehabilitating infrastructure affected by the war and reintegrating ex-combatants into civilian life. 

Since 2001, the office supports the stabilization of political and economical processes through conflict prevention, poverty reduction and practical government policy management at the local level. In 2010, the office, in partnership with the UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme, completed the project “Strengthening of Early Recovery Capacities in Tajikistan”, which aimed at assisting the local population in the recovery of critical facilities, improving food security, livelihoods and income recovery, infrastructure restoration, disaster risk reduction and conflict prevention. It covered 7 Jamoats of Rasht, Tajikabad and Tavildara districts, and constructed/rehabilitated 26 infrastructure sub-projects on drinking and irrigation water, energy, roads and bridges, rehabilitation of school as well as mud protective facilities. The total number of direct beneficiaries reached 32,200, of which 15,226 or 47% were women.

Through the GFATM-funded project “Malaria Elimination in Tajikistan for 2009-2014”, the office constructed a malaria diagnostic center in Rasht district as well as assisted the UNDP/GEF-funded project “Sustaining of agrobiodiversity in the face of climate change” with the implementation of project activities in Tajikabad and Nurabad districts.

Rasht valley is located in the north-eastern part of Tajikistan, which covers five districts (Rasht, Tajikabad, Jergital, Nurabad and Tavildara) with an area of approximately 17,055 km2 consisting of 41 Jamoats and 450 villages. The valley borders to Kyrgyzstan.

List of Partners:
Government at District level (Rasht, Tajikabad, Jergital, Nurabad and Tavildara), Government at Jamoat level (40 Jamoats across across 5 districts), Jamoat Resource Centers (38 JRCs across 5 districts), District Committee on Youth Affairs (Rasht, Tavildara), Regional Micro-Finance Institutions (MFI “Fayzi Surkhob” and Ehyoi Kuhiston”), District Employment Agencies (Rasht, Tavildara) 

Donor Agencies:
UNDP BCPR, European Union/DGRELEX, USAID, ECHO, WB, GEF, UNTFHS and the governments of UK, Sweden, Norway and Japan. 

Contact Details:
Saimuddin Muhiddinov, Local Governance Adviser, OIC Area Manager
E-Mail: saimuddin.muhiddinov@undp.org