Crisis Prevention and Recovery

The portfolio of Crisis Prevention and Recovery within UNDP Tajikistan includes two major directions of work: disaster risk management and mine action.

Since 2003, UNDP’s Disaster Risk Management Programme has been supporting the Government of Tajikistan in reducing the impact of natural disasters on vulnerable communities by strengthening national capacity to reduce risks, prevent, coordinate, respond and recover from disasters.UNDP’s efforts are focused on promotion, policy development, planning and system development of disaster risk reduction and  its integration into development and climate risk management at national and local levels.

Tajikistan’s internationally supported mine action programme began during the second half of 2003. UNDP is the main long-term supporter of the Tajikistan Mine Action Centre (TMAC). UNDP/TMAC provides leadership in management, coordination, accreditation, planning and tasking, quality management, information management as well as monitoring and evaluation of all components (Mine Risk Education, Victim Assistance, Land Release, stockpile destruction and advocacy) of mine action programme in country.

On-going projects

  • he Disaster Risk Management Programme (DRMP) is the primary mechanism through which UNDP addresses disaster preparedness, response, recovery and risk reduction in Tajikistan. DRMP was originally established in 2003. It addresses the serious and chronic problems faced by Tajikistan and its regional neighbors with regard to natural disaster management – comprising of disaster preparedness, response, recovery and most importantly mitigation and prevention by three UN agencies (UN ISDR, OCHA, led by UNDP).

  • The people of Tajikistan will become more resilient to disasters and benefit from improved policy and operational frameworks for environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources.

  • To build the capacities of the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence in preparedness to disaster response operations.

  • To reduce the negative human and material impact of disasters on Tajikistan by improving the management of these risks.

  • The Tajikistan Mine Action Center coordinates all mine action related projects in the country in order to ensure Tajikistan’s compliance with the requirements under the Ottawa treaty, which was ratified by Tajikistan in 1999. Founded in 2003 with the support of the UNDP, the TMAC oversees Tajikistan’s efforts in the areas of demining operations, information management, mine risk education, as well as victim assistance. It is the country’s focal point for all implementing partners in the field, the Government of Tajikistan, as well as the international mine action community.

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