Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Capacities in Tajikistan


The people of Tajikistan will become more resilient to disasters and benefit from improved policy and operational frameworks for environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources.

Outcome 1: Risks Assessed and Addressed through Risk Reduction Activities and Improved Warning.

  • Develop a user-friendly risk assessment tool.
  • Conduct risk assessments to generate Risk Profiles.
  • Develop standardized packages of hard and soft (ecosystem) engineering risk reduction measures.
  • Prioritize and implement strategic risk reduction sub-projects.
  • Improve weather data collection.
  • Improve weather warning messaging and modalities.

Outcome 2: Improved management of urban risks.

  • Assess disaster management challenges and opportunities.
  • Implement the municipality disaster risk management improvement plan.

Outcome 3: Search and Rescue Capacities Improved.

  • Integrate CBDRM SAR teams into national SAR system.
  • Increase Tajspas search and rescue capacities.
  • Train women and young adults in search and rescue.
  • Integrate Tajikistan into INSARAG.

Outcome 4: Cross-border cooperation for disaster response improved.

  • Establish a “friction-free” agreement for the movement of relief aid and personnel across the Afghan-Tajik border.
  • Establish Tajik-Afghan SAR Interoperability.
  • Establish relief supply stock piles  in Tajikistan for use in Afghanistan.

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