Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Tajikistan's Third National Communication (TNC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Project goal

To enable RT to prepare and submit its TNC on climate change to UNFCCC

What is the Programme about?

The project objective is to enable Tajikistan to prepare and submit its Third National Communication (TNC) on climate change to the CoP of the UNFCCC in accordance with its commitments as a non-Annex 1 Party (as mandated by Article 4 and 12 of this Convention). The main components of the project are:

1) an inventory of greenhouse gases for the base year 2005 and time series 2004-2009;

2) an assessment of potential impacts of climate change on natural resources, national economy and human health and elaboration of adaptation measures;

3) a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) abatement analysis and other mitigation measures, and

4) preparation of the Third National Communication of Tajikistan and submission to the CoP. In addition, public awareness activities and stakeholder consultations will be cross-cutting along the overall course of the project implementation.

Therefore, the preparation of the Third National Communication is expected to enhance general awareness and knowledge on climate change-related issues in Tajikistan, and enable to mainstream them to the national planning and policy.

Accomplishments so far

The project has made a significant contribution on the achievement of UNFCCC objectives, as well as implementation of priority measures for environmental security of Tajikistan. It also increased efforts in sharing the information and enhancing the cooperation with stakeholders from governmental, non-governmental, public, international and private organizations.

The findings of the project enhanced the evidence base for climate change risks and impacts on priority sectors (natural resources, national economy and human health) of Tajikistan. The strengthened evidence base, relied on qualitative approach in TNC, which provides an opportunity to mainstream climate adaptation and mitigation activities in national development policy and programmes. In parallel, the evidence base will be fully used for the preparation of other projects and programmes on climate change and sustainable development.

Who finances it?

Global Environment Fund Trustee

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