Sustainable and Equitable Economic Development

UNDP contributes to poverty reduction and economic development with a particular focus on rural poor, women and marginalized people. UNDP works towards improving rural livelihoods in Tajikistan both by building capacities of national and sub-national governments to plan, budget and monitor development and enhance capacities of private sector and civil society to more actively participate in the decision-making process, exercise influence and hold governments accountable.

On-going programmes and projects

  • Improving living standards and quality of life in Tajikistan requires a concentrated effort from both the highest levels of government to the community level. Expanding on its well-established Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Development Programme, in 2004 UNDP began implementing a community-driven programme (the CP) to ensure the sustainable development of the most marginalized communities throughout the country.

  • The Project “Promotion of social and economic opportunities for women and youth in Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan” funded by the Government of the Russian Federation, through Russian Federation - UNDP Trust Fund for Development and implemented by UNDP Tajikistan. The total amount of support is 1.7 million dollars aimed at promotion social and economic opportunities for women and youth.

  • Poverty-Environment Initiative Phase II (2014-2017)

    PEI is a joint global programme of UNDP and UN Environment launched in 2005 to address poverty, promote security and preserve the ecosystems by placing pro-poor economic growth and environmental sustainability at the heart of economic policies, planning systems and institutions.

  • “Wider Europe: Aid for Trade in Central Asia” Phase III

    The overall goal of the project is to support inclusive growth in the region through the promotion of trade and the enhancement of each country’s competitiveness to support these countries’ efforts to reduce poverty and improve peoples’ lives. This overall goal will be achieved through the implementation of four project components focusing on slightly different but complementary issues, all related to the support of the development of trade related capacities on local (Component I) and national (Component II) levels.

  • Livelihood Improvement of Rural Population in 9 districts of the Republic of Tajikistan

    The main objective of the Project is strengthening/building capacity of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in Tajikistan and pilot line ministries and agencies such as Ministries of Finance, Agriculture, Health, Education, Energy and Industry, State Statistics Agency for the National Develoment Strategy (NDS)/Living Standards Improvement Strategy (LSIS) management and implementation...

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