Risk Reduction and Resilience


The portfolio of Crisis Prevention and Recovery within UNDP Tajikistan includes two major directions of work: disaster risk management and mine action. Since 2003, UNDP’s Disaster Risk Management Programme has been supporting the Government of Tajikistan in reducing the impact of natural disasters on vulnerable communities by strengthening national capacity to reduce risks, prevent, coordinate, respond and recover from disasters.

UNDP/TMAC provides leadership in management, coordination, accreditation, planning and tasking, quality management, information management as well as monitoring and evaluation of all components (Mine Risk Education, Victim Assistance, Land Release, stockpile destruction and advocacy) of mine action programme in country.

Our Goals

There are two desired outcomes for the projects that address issues of Crisis Prevention and Recovery: 1) decreased risk of natural and man‐made hazards to rural and urban livelihoods and infrastructure and recovery mechanisms are in place and 2) the Government is able to plan, coordinate and implement comprehensive mine action.more

Kulyab city tent camp following floods in May of 2010. A lost girl looking for her family

Photo taken by REACT Rapid Response Teammore

Our Stories

Mine Risk Education activity in local community, Photo by TMAC
Saves Lives, Builds a Future

This story is about the hazard posed by antipersonnel mines located close to the pastures, hills and farm fields of the village Qizilpilol, Isfara district. Themore 

A family head removing available construction materials from flood affected house in Temurmalik district, March 2012, Photo taken by REACT Rapid Response Team
Community Resilience to Disasters through Micro-Loan Supported Risk Management Funds

Tajikistan constantly experiences disasters. In many cases, these disasters affect a relatively small number of households. However, the high rate of rural poverty together with limitedmore 

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