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  • Learning emergency first aid skills on the northern border of Afghanistan
    Jun 13, 2018

    Afghan Border Police (ABP) officers do not receive any first aid training during their basic and post-academy training. Some 92 per cent of officers on the Afghanistan/Tajikistan border have no knowledge of critical lifesaving skills. Officers often work in remote areas under extreme winter and summer conditions while facing insurgents and drug traffickers without ready access to emergency care.

  • Teaching Human Development at University
    Jun 13, 2018

    The Tajik Youth, as a social group, has distinct characteristics, which are linked to the difficult adaptation to modern socioeconomic conditions like professional self-determination, employment and housing issues. The lack of employment creates great difficulties for young people, but also their families. Up to date there are no structures to protect and support young people in their quest for meaningful careers and affordable housing. Therefore, “Social protection of the youth is very important to support young people, their families and public structures, working with youth”, Mr. Faizulloev Negmatjon, student of the economic faculty of the Tajik National University, stressed. He was one of the participants of the national scientific-practical conference on “Challenges of the Human Development Management and Youth”, organized in Dushanbe with the support of UNDP. Mr. Faizulloev Negmatjon is one of the students studying the special Human Development Course organized in the Tajik National University, with technical and advisory support of UNDP within the project “Mainstreaming Human Development in Tajikistan”.

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