Teaching Human Development at University

Teaching Human Development at University
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The Tajik Youth, as a social group, has distinct characteristics, which are linked to the difficult adaptation to modern socioeconomic conditions like professional self-determination, employment and housing issues. The lack of employment creates great difficulties for young people, but also their families. Up to date there are no structures to protect and support young people in their quest for meaningful careers and affordable housing. Therefore, “Social protection of the youth is very important to support young people, their families and public structures, working with youth”, Mr. Faizulloev Negmatjon, student of the economic faculty of the Tajik National University, stressed. He was one of the participants of the national scientific-practical conference on “Challenges of the Human Development Management and Youth”, organized in Dushanbe with the support of UNDP. Mr. Faizulloev Negmatjon is one of the students studying the special Human Development Course organized in the Tajik National University, with technical and advisory support of UNDP within the project “Mainstreaming Human Development in Tajikistan”.     

To mainstream the Human Development concept into the education process, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between UNDP and 8 Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) including the Civil Servants Training Institute of the Civil Service under the President of the Republic of. Technical and advisory assistance was provided to universities and institutes to organize Human Development  courses. A training session for university professors on teaching methodologies in the area of Human Development was conducted. With UNDP support, the trainees developed relevant teaching programs (Syllabuses). As a result, special Human Development courses were introduced in eight universities and institutes and more than 2000 students passed it.


  • The teaching syllabuses for the Human Development Courses were prepared jointly by university professors and UNDP specialists.
  • Mainstreaming the topic of Human Development already at the university level builds capacity in this area.
  • Already 2000 students took part in the Human Development course.

 Mr. Usmonov Gafurjon, Rector of the Khujand State University noticed: “The introduction of the Human Development course was very timely and necessary. Studying the course gives the students the needed practical and theoretical knowledge to prepare them to be high quality specialists. The lectures on Human Development were prepared jointly and submitted by UNDP. We also received IT equipment like laptops, projectors, printers/scanners. This will allow us to organize this Human Development course at very high quality level.” 

The Human Development Concept promotes the following main idea: “The real wealth of the nation is the people”. In other words, the people must be considered not as a means, but as the final goal for the sake of progress in the socio-economic development. This concept is being gradually introduced not only in the theories of scientific research, but also in the national practice of management and political governance. Along with that, it becomes obvious that further strengthening of human potential is needed for better understanding and introduction of the Human Development concept. Tajikistan’s higher educational institutions should play a key role in that.

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