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Under the Energy and Environment portfolio, UNDP prioritizes its work on policy advice and research to support evidence based reform in the water sector, concentrating on an enabling environment for coordination and a unified approach to policy development and thereby a harmonized reform process at the national level, and improved water management, cooperation and conflict mitigation at the regional level. Within its GEF-funded initiatives, UNDP also facilitates technology transfer for the development of small hydropower, by building capacities of different stakeholders to efficiently deploy renewable energy technologies. The advocacy work for the establishment of the National Trust Fund on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency as a financing mechanism to facilitate the development of small-scale renewable energy projects is continued. Furthermore UNDP concentrates on the development of policies for agrobiodiversity conservation and supports the efforts for enhancing public transport management in Dushanbe. Through support to the development of the Third National Communication to the UNFCCC, UNDP strengthens national capacities in climate change research. In 2013 UNDP has started the implementation of the new GEF-funded project on phase out of chlorofluorocarbons in Tajikistan, thus supporting the Government in the implementation of its obligations with relation to the Montreal Protocol.

The joint UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI) offers technical assistance and builds capacity to mainstream environmental considerations into national and sub-national planning processes.

Through the provision of small grants for the implementation of grass-root community projects, the UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme provides support to local community based organizations and civil society organizations (CBOs, CSOs, NGOs) through the provision of small grants.

Our Goals

Our projects in the area of Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy aim to improve environmental protection and promote sustainable natural resources management, as well as increase access to alternative renewable energy. UNDP works to provide the Government with capacity building support to negotiate, ratify and implement major international conventions, national and local level policies and legal frameworks on sustainable natural resources management, and pilot alternative renewable technologies focusing on small hydropower.more

Dairy Shop in Burunov Jamoat, Dairy product production process, electricity provided by MHPP

Photo by UNDP Energy and Environment Programmemore

Our Stories

Foothills used for agricultural activities for effective land management and food security, Photo by UNDP EEP

Fostering Agroforestry Measures and Sustainable Livelihoods through Eco-Agriculture Micro-Loans

Managed by the regional microloan foundation (MLF) “Imdodi Rushd” established in 2009 under the Gissar Biodiversity project, the eco-agriculture microloan system has helped rural community membersmore 

Pear trees planted with support of CRM project to prevent land degradation. Photo by UNDP EEP

Community approach to food security and natural resources

The 1992-97 civil war deepened the impacts of the transition to market economy on both rural communities and the protected area system in Tajikistan. The collapsemore 

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