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On the results of PEI issues integration into planning of local economic development through the Trust Fund

The population of Ganchi district comprised 144641 (6,3% from the total number of inhabitants of Sughd Oblast) as of January 1, 2011. Currently 9983 people (14.5%) live in the city, 131253 people or 93,2% live in rural area. The majority of women in this district is engaged in agriculture and has nomore


Saves Lives, Builds a Future

This story is about the hazard posed by antipersonnel mines located close to the pastures, hills and farm fields of the village Qizilpilol, Isfara district. The village lies on Tajikistan’s border with Uzbekistan and inhabitants of this village represent two friendly nations – Tajik and Uzbek. Histomore

Successful Multi-Drug Resistant TB Treatment in Tajikistan Turns a Life Around

Tuberculosis (TB) is a wide-spread and lethal disease in Tajikistan. Increasingly Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) TB is developing and challenging health system and peoples’ lives. MDR-TB develops during TB when the normal course of antibiotics is interrupted and the levels of drug in the body are insuffmore


Teaching Human Development at University

The Tajik Youth, as a social group, has distinct characteristics, which are linked to the difficult adaptation to modern socioeconomic conditions like professional self-determination, employment and housing issues. The lack of employment creates great difficulties for young people, but also their famore

«The path to recovery is difficult, but I will succeed!»

Tajikistan is listed among the 27 countries with the highest burden of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). 16.8% of all new TB cases and 61% of retreatment cases are resistant to the first line treatment regimen and thus require longer and much more expensive treatment. TB in penitentiary famore


Tuberculosis treatment is enhanced: micro-loaning practices boost the income of patients

Saidsharif Pirov, a father to seven children – three sons with disabilities and two elder sons infected with tuberculosis (TB), resides in Chorbog village of Vose district. For years, the main source of family income was three hectares of land, where mainly food crops were grown to barely sustain thmore

UNDP assists local organizations to help IDUs help themselves.

The public organization “Svon+” located in Kulyab city, Khatlon oblast, has been established by the initiative of injecting drug users (IDUs) in 2011 with the purpose of reaching IDUs with quality harm reduction services. This is the second public organization in Tajikistan that has been founded by more


“Business Challenge Fund”: an innovative approach to development

Tajik businesses, who work in the field of processing agricultural products, are not competitive for many reasons. Many enterprises still use outdated equipment and technologies. Without modernization of production facilities, these businesses are not able to focus on the export market. Furthermore,more