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UNDP contributes to poverty reduction and economic development with a particular focus on rural poor, women and marginalized people. UNDP works towards improving rural livelihoods in Tajikistan both by building capacities of national and sub-national governments to plan, budget and monitor development and enhance capacities of private sector and civil society to more actively participate in the decision-making process, exercise influence and hold governments accountable.

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Channel before rehabilitation, © UNDP Rural Growth project (Tajikistan)
Mutual trust as a basis for Sustainable Development

In recent years development projects in Tajikistan were performed through tender procedures and the contractor was then selected by the donor. This process usually results inmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Communities Programme

    Improving living standards and quality of life in Tajikistan requires a concentrated effort from both the highest levels of government to the community level. Expanding on its well-established Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Development Programme, in 2004 UNDP began implementing a community-driven programme (the CP) to ensure the sustainable development of the most marginalized communities throughout the country.more 

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