Presentation of new initiatives implemented within the UNDP Communities Programme

Mar 20, 2014

Khujand, March 20, 2014, Kohi Matbuot hall

Sughd Region Brand and Guideline for Investors, developed by Executive Body of State Power of Sughd Region with the assistance of Communities Programme of United Nations Development Programme, have been presented. Support is provided in the framework of "Aid for Trade" project, funded by the Government of Finland.

These initiatives were supported by participants of the event, and a number of recommendations and proposals were provided on their promotion, subsequent use and dissemination among the private sector, investors, as well its placement on the official website of Sughd Region.

Also during the meeting the results of “Local economic performance indicators” survey piloted in Bobojan Gafurov district, implemented by UNDP Communities Programme, were presented.  Scaling out of the project in three other districts of Sughd region is the next step of the initiative, which will be implemented in close collaboration with Executive Body of State Power of Sughd Region and districts’ local authorities.

Presentation held for a wide range of participants represented by the private sector, government agencies, the media and international organizations. 

These initiatives are implemented by UNDP programs in close cooperation with the Executive Body of State Power of Sughd Region.

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