Presentation and discussion of the Report “Unemployment, Employment and Access to Jobs”

22 Apr 2014

22 April 2014 Presentation and discussion of the Report“Unemployment, Employment and Access to Jobs”, prepared with the support of International Labour Organization (ILO) for the National Human Development Report (NHDR) “Tajikistan: Access to Resources for Human Development”, was conducted in Dushanbe.

 UNDP Mainstreaming Human Development t in Tajikistan (MHDT) project is supporting the development of National Human Development Report (NHDR) “Tajikistan: Access to Resources for Human Development”. The report is being developed in cooperation with other UN Agencies. ILO, through engagement of Youth Employment Officer, has provided technical support in development of “Unemployment, Employment and Access to Jobs” Report.

 As mentioned by Mr. Rustam Babajanov, Manager of UNDP/ MHDT project the NHDR Chapter on “Demographic Trends, Employment, Unemployment and Access to Job” will substantively build on “Unemployment, Employment and Access to Jobs” Report as well as the report of UNFPA on “Analyses of Demographic trends in Tajikistan”. Peer to peer review and participation in elaboration of NHDR is believed to enhance the quality of the document.

 Mr. Aminov Sobir, ILO National Coordinator in Tajikistan noted, that based on priorities jointly developed with Tripartite Partners of Tajikistan, ILO drafted a Decent Work Country Programme for 2014-2017 and one of its priorities is focused on “Promotion of decent employment opportunities for men and women”. Certain measures and activities will be jointly undertaken within mentioned Programme towards improving situation of decent employment in the country within next years.

During the presentation, Ms. Rebecka Rask, Youth Employment Officer ILO DWT/CO Moscow  presented the report “Unemployment, Employment and Access to Jobs” that was developed based on the results of survey on labour force of Tajikistan conducted in 2004 and 2009 as well as other studies and reports. The presentation covered the following themes: the Tajik labour force at home and abroad, economic inactivity, employment rates (sectors, regions), informal employment, unemployment, as well as four scenarios of access to employment up to 2020.

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