May 7, 2014



On May 7, 2014 UNDP Aid for Trade Project jointly with USAID Afghanistan Trade and Revenue  (ATAR) project have conducted the meeting with the entrepreneurs – potential exporters of Sughd Oblast. The topic of the meeting was aimed at the development of trade in frontier zone with Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and creation of favorable conditions for the business partnership enhancement in the neighboring countries. It should be noted that United Nations Development Programme in Tajikistan started active implementation of the III phase of Aid for Trade project aimed at improving SMEs’ trade and export capacity and increasing trade and export volumes, creation of trade promotion centers both at the national and local levels, as well as improving trade policy regime and other, that will be implemented on the national level.

During the meeting, participants were introduced to the project activities UNDP AfT and USAID ATAR projects, implemented in the territory of Tajikistan. This meeting has been  organized prior to the upcoming events, which will be soon held by ATAR/USAID project in cooperation with UNDP Tajikistan – it is an economic business forum with participation of Afghan entrepreneurs and 3 days training to increase export potential of the entrepreneurs, interested in the promotion of their products to Afghan market.


As was noted, conducting of 3-days training in Khujand which will be held on May 21-23, is preparation for the Economic Business Forum that will be held on June 5-6, in Dushanbe and will be of a “B2B” format, where it is planned to invite the representatives of state authorities, CCI and business associations, as well as 120 local entrepreneurs, including 20 from Afghanistan and about 15 from Pakistan. The main goal of the forum is to create favorable conditions for the market and establish business partnerships.


Participation of enterprises from Sughd region and the country as a whole at the upcoming economic business forum will give an opportunity to establish and strengthen business relations between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, as well as increase country export potential by entering the new markets through Afghanistan to Pakistan.

More than 25 companies from Sughd region, producing the foodstuff (such as juices, soft drinks, oil, flour and etc.), construction, paint and varnish products and textile products, which are mostly demanded in the Afghan market took part in the meeting, as well as the representatives of the Khukumat and CCI of Sughd region, FEZ “Sughd” and business associations.


Contact informationFor more information please contact: Mr. Parviz Akramov, AfT National Coordinator, UNDP Tajikistan, at parviz.akramov@undp.org

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