The event "I'm for the safe roads, and what about you?" starts in Dushanbe, May 13, 2014.

May 13, 2014

On 15th of May in Dushanbe city the wide civic awareness campaign under the slogan "I'm for safety on the roads, and what about you?" will be conducted by the initiative of the UNDP/GEF project "Support to the Sustainable Transport Management in Dushanbe city" and in close collaboration with the Mayor office of Dushanbe, the State Automobile Inspectorate of Dushanbe, the Public Organization "The 21st Century Youth" and the UN Volunteers.   The campaign is targeted to behavioral change of drivers of public transports, pedestrians and public involvement to addressing problems of roads safety and public transport management of Dushanbe city.

The purpose of this event is prevention of road traffic accidents, promotion to the efficient operation of the public transport, improving of drivers’ and pedestrians’ traffic literacy and behavioral change.

Over the course of this campaign the engaged volunteers will conduct preventive talks both with pedestrians and also with public transport drivers on the subject of rigorous compliance with traffic rules. The volunteers will also distribute illustrated informational materials to increase civic awareness and public advocacy.  The main personage - Manizha designed and presented by a talented artist, Michael Romaniuk, urges her father, acting both as a pedestrian and as a driver, to abide by traffic rules.

According to M. Romaniuk, Manizha is the personage of the future animated film for children.  The format of this film has not been determined yet. Hopefully Manizha’s character will become known to children and it will have a positive image. This project is one of ways to introduce this character to a wider audience.

The mutual understanding and respect between drivers and pedestrians will promote reduction of the accident incidence rate and will also reduce other inconveniences for every road user.

By convincing pedestrians in the need to cross the street only at permitted transitions and on pedestrian crossings, to stop the public transportation only at bus stops, and once again drawing attention of drivers to the necessity to slow down before the "zebra" (a crosswalk) and to give way to pedestrians, not to occupy a dedicated/ separate public transport lane, to park vehicles in permitted spots, we can improve the situation on roads of our city.  This event will  remind everybody once more that rash acts, ignoring of the basic rules of conduct, non-compliance with traffic rules, can lead not only to the administrative fine, but also to an accident and unfortunately to a tragedy.

We would  like to remind that the project "Support to the Sustainable Transport Management in Dushanbe" aims to reduce the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions into the atmosphere, and alongside with this to improve the availability and the quality of public transport services to all residents of Dushanbe.  Moreover, within the frames of the project the capacity of leading specialists of the transport sphere is enhanced and also the idea of ​​using non-motorized transport, including bicycling and walking, is promoted.


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