National Partner Forum

Jun 19, 2014

19 June 2014 – National Partner Forum was held under chairmanship of National Coordination Committee to fight with HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria to discuss three National Strategic Plans on HIV, TB, and Malaria Control developed for the period 2015-2020.  High-level governmental officials, representatives of oblast khukumats; three directors of Republican AIDS Control Center, Republican TB Control Center, Republican Tropical Diseases Centre; heads of international donor agencies as well as representatives of civil society have actively participated in the forum to deliberate the goals and objectives of these strategic documents, to refine inconsistencies, and conclude the final statements in line with National Development Strategies.

Representatives of three national centers of AIDS, TB and tropical diseases control presented the strategic plans highlighting goals, objectives, indicators, budget and financial constraints that restrict comprehensive implementation of the programmes. In addition, issues of funding the programmes by the Government and donor communities were soundly discussed together with prospects of bridging the financial gaps of three diseases. The Partner Forum was financially supported by the UNDP within the framework of GF grants implementation. As National Coordination Committee Secretary , M. Beknazarov said: “UNDP’s support in development of National Strategies are crucial for Tajikistan to continue fighting AIDS, TB and Malaria.”

Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population of RT in cooperation with national and international partners, NCC Secretariat continues working at developing proposal within the framework of New Funding Model of the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria Control. Also, the technical working groups have been established to develop National strategic plans on three infections; at the same time, several donor meetings and partner forums have been organized with participations of all stakeholders to discuss the document and timeframe of submitting the above-stated plans on three diseases.


For details please contact Tedla Mezemir, Programme Manager, HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria Programme email:

 UNDP acts as Principal Recipient of the GF grants since 2004 as proposed by the National Coordination Committee to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. In close collaboration of NCC, over the last 10 years it provided extensive support to the Ministry of Health and its structures countrywide in implementation of three National programmes focused on reducing burden of AIDS, TB and Malaria in Tajikistan. Significant efforts are ongoing in developing capacities of National AIDS Center, National TB center and National Tropical Disease Center for transferring the role and responsibilities of UNDP in nearest future.   

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