UNDP improves the capacity of SHP specialist

Jul 15, 2014

Dushanbe, July 15, 2014. From 14 to 19 July in Dushanbe in the framework of the UNDP / GEF project "Transfer technology and market development of SHP in Tajikistan" launched a series of training "on the development of small hydropower plants." During the training, along with representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan, Tajik Technical University, OSHC "Barki Tojik" Association of Power Engineers Tajikistan SUE "TAJIKTEXTILMASH" and other interested local parties also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Industry of Kyrgyzstan.

Lack of SHP specialists in a country with rich hydropower potential has led to a number of issues with sustainable functioning of small hydropower plants. The issues have been defined by the lack of proper maintenance-operation-management of the SHPPs due to the lack of knowledge and skills of specialists in this field. The proposed trainings for “SHP specialists” delivered by the Tajik Technical University’s leading experts aims to an extent address the existing gap in the capacity of the specialists and contribute to the country’s expert resources and sustainable operation of the SHPs that in turn will provide sustainable energy for the rural and remote population of the country.

Mr. Jamshed Kodirkulov, the manager of the project, in his speech underlined, that the energy sector in Tajikistan requires special attention. "Approximately, more than 1 million of Tajikistan's population living in rural areas does not have reliable access to electricity, and in winter the problem is compounded considering forced rationing electricity supply to the population. Therefore, interest in renewable energy and small hydropower increases. Small hydropower plants are being built, however, they fail to sustainably operate due to the lack of proper maintenance and operation. Our goal today, is to create and strengthen local human resources and to promote the efficient use of renewable energy for sustainable development "- said Mr. Kodirkulov.

As the Rector оf TTU Mr. Khaidar Odinaev noted, in recent years the development of renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important. This is due not only to the need to provide decentralized energy supply, but also important in terms of the preconditions for economic development and social improvement of the people in remote rural areas of the country. Unfortunately, the issues of use of renewable energy sources are addressed without suitable skills and knowledge. "Our proposed training is aimed at building the capacity of the specialists engaged in small hydropower. It shall primarily serve as a platform for improving knowledge of the participants to improve the quality use of hydro resources. Cooperation between UNDP and TTU allowed to develop these courses for specialists and shall be further enhanced to train more SHP specialists" – added Mr. Odinaev.

According to Mr. Abdukarim Abdurakhmanov, head of the energy department of the Technical University, UNDP has defined the issues with the lack of specialists in the field of small hydropower and made ​​the right choice by investing in improving the technical capacity of specialists through such training. "We are pleased to provide services for building the capacity of specialists as an investment in the long-term sustainability of small hydropower. In the future we plan to provide more professional training for specialists and SHPP operators who intend to improve their knowledge and skills for more effective management, maintenance and operation of SHPP" - said Mr. Abdurakhmanov.

During the trainings the participants will learn the specifics of small hydropower that includes the advantages and disadvantages of SHP, along with existing regulatory frameworks, tariff establishment, maintenance and operation, and other important SHP related issues. Furthermore, the participants will visit the state unitary enterprise “Tajiktekstilmash”, one of the manufacturing plants that has received technical and financial support under the UNDP/GEF’s “Technology transfer and market development for SHP in Tajikistan” for producing small hydropower plants of power ranging capacity from 1 kW to 500 kW

Also, participants will make a study visit to jamoat Burunov, where the model of Integrated Rural Development based on the SHPP was implemented. The proposed training, therefore, will help participants to gain knowledge theoretically related to small hydropower and familiarize with the practical results, by visiting the production and the pilot project area.

It is also gratifying to see that our neighbors from Kyrgyzstan expressed interest and have sent two specialists from the Ministry of Energy and Industry to participate in training. This is an example of good-neighborliness and cooperation between countries.

We remind that the training was organized in collaboration with the Tajik Technical University under the UNDP / GEF project "Transfer of technology market development for SHPP in Tajikistan", that aims at significantly accelerating the development of small-scale hydropower (SHP) generation in Tajikistan by removing barriers through enabling legal and regulatory framework, capacity building and developing sustainable delivery models, thus substantially avoiding the use of conventional biomass and fossil fuels for power and other energy needs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


For additional information, please contact Mr. Jamshed Kodirkulov, manager of UNDP / GEF project "Transfer of technology and market development for SHPP in Tajikistan" by phone +992 44 600 5540 or by email: Jamshed.Kodirkulov@undp.org

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