UNDP improves access of nearly 2700 rural population to health and water services

Sep 4, 2015

 4 September 2015. Hamadoni district. Inauguration and opening ceremony of 2 (two) social infrastructure projects has been conducted in Hamadoni district of Khatlon Region. It happened due to support provided by the Government of Japan, through JICA supported “Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas (LITACA)” project implemented by UNDP Tajikistan. Now local population of Kahramon jamoat have an access to clean drinking water and newly constructed medical house in Saiyod village of Turdiev jamoat can provide timely medical services for inhabitants.

Water supply system (WSS) was rehabilitated and connected to 178 rural households with 1429 residents and to secondary school with250 schoolchildren. The new mechanism of WSS maintenance and operation was introduced to local rural community through installed water meters in each household. Newly introduced mechanism allows rural community to use water rationally and utilize water based on actual use and consumption and save money for their own needs. 

Mr. Faizullo Ismoilov, Leader of Kahramon village who has over 8 years of experience leading Kahramon village, said that target populations are happy to get access to drinking water and expressed:  “Newly introduced and applied mechanism of water management and distribution through water meters gives us opportunity to use water rationally, save water for the benefit of us and provide equal access to water to all population of our village”. He also mentioned that he enjoys his work, as new mechanism of water distribution through water meters simplified his work.

The Medical House, that was constructed in Saiyod village, Turdiev jamoat, was built with all amenities and comprises of treatment, vaccination and obstetrics rooms, waiting room and other premises to provide first aid to rural population.  Water supply and heating systems connected to all the rooms of medical house as well. Additionally medical house is equipped with new furniture and medical equipments for provision of good quality and better medical services to 177 rural households with 1239 rural population of Saiyod village. In compare to previous times the capability of medical facility is increased to more than three times in regard to provision of medical services to local community. Attendance of local community to medical house is increased to 15% - 20% on monthly basis for receiving primary health services and medical treatments for all types of community including pregnant women, infants, aged people, people with disabilities and etc.

“Before construction of new Medical House we – medical workers attended patients at home, since there were no basic conditions available in the Medical House, especially in winter. Due to the lack of heating system, our residents’ attendance decreased and they didn’t go to receive any medical services but we – medical staff attended them at homes for their treatment. Also, due to poor sanitary conditions in the Medical House, most of people preferred to visit other neighboring villages’ medical houses or district hospital, which is located more than 13km away from our village even for receiving first aid assistances. But, now new Medical House constructed with its modern design and equipped with new health facilities encourages more people to approach us for receiving medical services. In comparison to last years the attendance of people in recent months increased up to 15% - 20%. As well as, we – medical workers are motivated to provide better health services to local community.” – Obida Odinaeva – Doctor of Medical House in Saiyod village.      


Currently within the frame of LITACA project totally 21 social projects are planned to be rehabilitated and constructed in Farkhor, Hamadoni and Shurabad cross-border districts of Khatlon Region.

The LITACA project is a three-year initiative financed by the Government of Japan through JICA.                             The Project is implemented in both sides of the border covering eight cross-border districts of Khatlon Province of Tajikistan and three cross-border districts of Kunduz and Takhar Provinces of Afghanistan. The total amount of Project’s budget is US$10.7mln. 



Mr. Ruslan Ziganshin, LITACA Project Manager at ruslan.ziganshin@undp.org

Contact informationMr. Ruslan Ziganshin, LITACA Project Manager at ruslan.ziganshin@undp.org

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