Supporting Livelihoods in Sarichashma Jamoat of Shurobod District

Oct 2, 2015

2 October, 2015 Dushanbe, Tajikistan

On 2 October, 2015 UNDP  Disaster Risk Management Programme  completed the distribution of 101 dairy cows and 45,000 kg of mixed cattle feed to  101 families which were affected by floods and mudflows, occurred in April  2014 in Sarichashma Jamoat of Shurobod district. . Provided assistance will support the livelihood recovery of disaster-affected households.

On 12 and 13 April 2014, heavy rains and hailstorms led to flash floods and mudslides in six districts of South East Khatlon Province of Tajikistan. The resulting disaster caused significant damage to households and local infrastructure. The disaster seriously damaged the livelihoods of the affected population, including when a mudslide killed more than 1,000 head of cattle.

The livelihoods support provided by UNDP DRMP was funded through Bureau for Policy and Programme Support as part of the post-disaster Recovery to Resilience (R2R) Programme being implemented in collaboration with local Government authorities. The R2R programme reflects the promotion of a livelihoods-based recovery approach, which incorporates risk reduction and leads to resilience. The programme takes the innovative approach of using recovery activities to both reduce current risk but also provide a starting point for an extended effort to build resilience in one of the poorest areas of Tajikistan.

One of the beneficiaries, Dodarova Gulniso, a mother of four kids said: “I feel very fortunate to receive a dairy cow which will support my family with milk and the rest of milk I can sell to neighbors to provide for other needs of my children”. Another beneficiary, Aliev Dilovar, whose house was destroyed by the disaster said: “I’m thankful for this assistance provided by UNDP which will now provide my family with milk. I’m very happy and excited because the dairy cow that we received is pregnant so I’m looking forward to increasing our livestock”.

To avoid potential conflicts between beneficiaries, UNDP followed the developed Conflict Prevention Framework and chose a lottery approach for fair distribution process. All dairy cows were individually numbered.  Beneficiaries pulled out a number from the lottery bag and took possession of the cow with the matching number. Sarichashma Jamoat and Shuroobod District authorities supported the assistance provided by UNDP DRMP and distribution of dairy cows.

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