UNDP improves the access of dekhkan farms to irrigation water in Qumsangir district

Dec 1, 2015

1 December 2015, - the inauguration ceremony of rehabilitated irrigation pumping station in Zamini Nav village within the framework of UNDP “Project for Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas (LITACA)” was held in Qumsangir district of Khatlon Region. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Gulam M. Isaczai, UNDP Country Director a.i. in Tajikistan, Mr. Aminzoda Foteh, Chairman of Qumsangir district, and the representatives of local community.

“This project was reflected as one of the priorities in the district from the District Development Programme and UNDP supported to implement it. Now 35 dekhkan farms of the area have access to irrigation water, which will positively impact on increasing productivity of crops and improving livelihoods of local population”, mentioned Mr. Aminzoda Foteh in his speech.
The irrigation pumping station was built in 1975 and consists of three pumps out of which only one operated before rehabilitation. The station irrigated 550 hectares of land in the past, but because of the failure of two pumps, was able to feed water to 150 hectares only. Last renovation in the pumping station was conducted 12 years ago and during that time many electrical appliances, as well as the premises and facilities were out of order. Now, this pumping station gives an opportunity for 35 dekhkan farms and their members to improve access to irrigation water and get it timely during irrigation period. If before only small part of dekhkan farms had access to water, now the capability of it has been increased and all of them have it. This will positively affect the productivity of local crops and improve livelihoods of 3,446 residents (49% female) of Zamini Nav, Fathobod and Rudaki villages.

“Residents of the nearly located villages are very happy to have the irrigation water and thankful to the local administration, UNDP and JICA for rehabilitation of this pumping station. We will be responsible for proper use and sustainability of it in the future”, said representative of the village.
As such, the rehabilitation project has in the short run, contributed to livelihood improvement of local communities by enhancing access to irrigation water this year, but in the long run is also expected to support on ending poverty rate, increase sustainability of water user association capacity. It must be mentioned that irrigation pumping station was handed over to the Water Users Association “Bahoriston-2013”. This entity takes the responsibility for further maintenance of the irrigation pumping station, provides capable financing and staff.

The LITACA project is a three-year initiative financed by the Government of Japan through JICA. The Project is implemented in both sides of the border covering eight cross-border districts of Khatlon Province of Tajikistan and three cross-border districts of Kunduz and Takhar Provinces of Afghanistan. The total amount of Project’s budget is US$10.7mln.


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Mr. Ruslan Ziganshin, LITACA Project Manager at ruslan.ziganshin@undp.org

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