Meeting of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Tajikistan

Dec 9, 2015


9 December, 2015 – Dushanbe, Tajikistan

A regular meeting of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction was held on 4 December 2015, with participation of 19 representatives of ministries and 12 international agencies and donors.

The First Deputy Chairman of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Mr. Khayriddin Abdurahimov, Chairman of the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan chaired the meeting.

During the meeting participants mainly discussed: designation of the National focal point for implementing the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction for 2015-2030; “Guidelines for conducting exercises at the community level” proposed by Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan; introduction of the “National Recovery Guide”; review and approval of the National Platform Action Plan for 2016.

Following the presentation made by the Head of the National Platform Expert Group the National Platform Members have agreed to designate Chairman of National Platform as a National focal point for implementation of the Sendai Framework. In addition, highlighted that the First Deputy Chairman of the National Platform will be backstopping person and National Platform Secretary will be executive officer.

Presented information by UNDP Tajikistan, on the Regional Central Asian Regional Conference on Sendai Framework that will be held in April 2016, initiated discussion on necessity of having a programme or strategy on disaster risk reduction aligned with Sendai DRR Framework. First Deputy Chairman highlighted that for the development of the new DRM strategy for beyond 2015 there is a need to review accomplishments and identify gaps of the current strategy to identify lessons learned and shortcomings. Participants noted that the process of development of the strategy should be coordinated between all the relevant governmental Ministries and Agencies, as well as International Organizations.

Following the agenda participants reviewed the draft National Recovery Guide and decided to circulate the draft National Recovery Guide to the Ministries and Agencies for comments.

At the end of the meeting, National Platform members proposed changes to the draft National Platform Work Plan for 2016. It was decided to review work plan taking into account comments and finalize it by the end of this year.

The National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Tajikistan was established as part of the State Commission for Emergency Situations of the Government of Republic of Tajikistan in March 2012.

The Platform serves a consultative and advisory body for coordinating the activities of organizations working on disaster risk management in Tajikistan. The capacity building of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is supported by UNDP with SDC funding.

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