UNDP promotes localization of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Tajikistan by strengthening the capacity of Sughd region local experts on planning and monitoring tools

Feb 8, 2016

From 2 through  February 7, 2016 UNDP together with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) as part of the joint project of UNDP and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) "Poverty Initiative and  Environment" (PEI) organized 2-day training on Sustainable Development Planning with participation of local experts, civil society and business community representatives. The curriculum was developed based on the "Methodological manual for cities and districts development and implementation programs" adopted by the MEDT and was presented by the group of environmental and economic experts with the UNDP Communities Programme PEI and SENACAM projects. The trainings are held in the light of launching the process of elaboration of the city development programs of Khujand, Istiklol, Chkalovsk and Kairakum for the period of 2017-2022 years.


It is expected that these series of trainings will make a profound contribution to the level of preparedness and understanding of the local experts on local development planning process with an emphasis on integration of SDGs and national long-term and mid-term strategic goals into district and cities development programs. The head of the Economic Department of Chkalovsk city Hukumat Mr. Anvar Karimov mentioned in his notes: “This training assisted our team to get a clear picture on basis of strategic planning of local development issues. Moreover, share of experience and knowledge with relevant institutions and sectors allowed us thoroughly understand the link of sustainable development and environmental issues that will be a valuable input in planning city development process.


Within the frame of this initiative, it is planned to conduct a number of trainings in Rumi, Rudaki and other districts where the new district development programs for 2016-2020 will be elaborated.


Poverty-Environment Initiative is a global programme of joint UNDP and UNEP initiatives supporting country efforts on introduction of environmental issues in national and regional planning processes through financial and technical assistance and capacity building. With the purpose of supporting inclusive approach to development of policies, plans and coordination mechanisms, PEI facilitates integration of PEI and sustainable development agenda into the sectoral strategies (water resources/land management, agriculture/food security, energy, mining etc.).

Contact information

Mr. Jahongir Dehkonov M&E Specialists of NDS/LSIS of UNDP CP at jahongir.dehkonov@undp.org and/or Ms. Tahmina Azizova – PEI National Project Coordinator of UNDP CP at tahmina.azizova@undp.org


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