Mar 14, 2016

On March 14 2015, an official handover ceremony of the community based water supply project was held in jamoat Childuhtaron of Muminobod district, Khatlon region.  The project was executed by NGO “ACTED” within the New World: Inclusive Sustainable Human Development partnership initiative of UNDP and the Coca Cola Company.

The new Water Supply System will benefit 1,125 people (541 men & 584 women) of 3 remote villages, namely Childuhtaron, Pakhmdara and Navobod. The local population greatly contributed to the project implementation by digging 13km of trenches for the installation of an inter-village water supply line. Sustainability of the project was assured through close collaboration with local and national governing bodies, civil society organizations and direct involvement of project beneficiaries in the establishment of community based organization (Water Cooperative), responsible for proper management, maintenance and operation of constructed WSSs.

“Having water in the village will mean that our women won't have to fetch water from water sources far from their homes,” said Chairman of Muminobod district Mr. Amirshozoda Toirhon, adding that “children will have clean water to drink, which will significantly reduce the rate of waterborne diseases”.

Prior to project execution, over 90% of the population in target villages lacked access to clean drinking water and sanitation services. Located in remote mountainous interior, 30km north-east of Muminobod District of Khatlon Region, at an altitude of 1,857 meters above the sea level, Childuhtaron, Pakhmdara and Navobod village residents used water from the mudflow, formed by melting snow and heavy rains. The water canal system lacked adequate equipment to prevent contamination and water waste, year round- resulting in excessive rates of waterborne illnesses. Contaminated water completely dried out during 5 months of the year, forcing villagers (specifically women) travel long distances (over 3-4 km) to bring water on donkeys, harvest rainwater or use what they could have stockpiled previously.

This was a typical living pattern of families in the target villages for the last 25 years, until the support provided through the New World Initiative transformed the lives of over a thousand rural people. Through the construction of the Water Supply System (WSS), clean water is now collected from the water spring, discovered in the mountains at a 5km distance. Clean water is supplied into reinforced water reservoirs (concrete tanks for 25 m3) installed in two of the villages. Finally, a total of 25 (twenty five) constructed water cranes deliver water to all streets of the villages, providing residents with an equal access to safe drinking water.

All built infrastructure has been biologically tested to guarantee the safety and quality of provided water while the conducted community awareness trainings and workshops resulted in an increased awareness amongst the targeted communities regarding the water waste and contamination, good sanitation and hygiene practices.

Ashropova Mosharif, nurse in the health center, said: “analyses conducted after WSS construction show the decreased % of waterborne diseases amongst village residents.  No new cases of diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid were reported during the last four months.”


New World: Inclusive Sustainable Human Development Initiatives Programme implemented by UNDP in partnership with The Coca Cola Company aims at increasing access to safe drinking water and sanitation services and to improve water resources management through community based approaches, to empower women and youth, improve education and generate job opportunities to build resilient communities.


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Ms. Roza Kurbanova, Programme Manager, ACTED Tajikistan; Ms. Malika Khakimova, Programme Associate, UNDP Tajikistan:

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