Navruz brings joy and health to population of Dusti district of Khatlon

Mar 23, 2016


March 23, 2016

Residents of Dusti district, Khatlon region continue celebrating Navruz holiday. The opening ceremony of the rural health center took place on March 23, 2016. Deputy Chairman of the district, local authorities and representatives of UNDP in Tajikistan were welcomed by people living in Panjrud village with music and songs. Rural health center of Panjrud village was built in the framework of UNDP Tajikistan project "Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas (LITACA)", financed by the Government of Japan through JICA Tajikistan.
Ms. Nasrulloyeva, District Deputy Chairman congratulated participants with bright Navruz holiday and wished peace, friendship, happiness and prosperity. She expressed gratitude to the Government of Japan, UNDP Tajikistan and noted that new and modern medical health center will contribute to provision of qualitative health care for the residents, especially children and women.
Health center of Panjrud village used to be located in a school building that did not respond to accepted medical and sanitary-hygienic requirements. However, due to lack of other options, medical staff had to receive patients under such conditions.
"All patients faced difficulties due to far distance from the district center. Nowadays population of Panjrud village as well as neighboring villages are able to get medical care in good conditions", said Mr. Avlokulov Yarash, resident of Panjrud village, Dusti district.
As a result of this project implementation 1,516 residents (including 820 women) will have access to quality health care. Newly built health center is provided with modern equipment and furniture.


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Mr. Ruslan Ziganshin, LITACA Project Manager, Communities Programme, UNDP Tajikistan at and Ms. Tahmina Rozikova, Communication and Partnership Officer, Communities Programme, UNDP Tajikistan


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