Tajik and Afghan entrepreneurs signed 16 memorandums

May 13, 2016

Kurgan-Tube. May 12-13, 2016. Meeting of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Tajikistan and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan took place in Kurgan-Tube city, Khatlon region under the small grants initiatives of UNDP Tajikistan project on "Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas (LITACA)", financed by the Government of Japan through JICA Tajikistan.

The event was organized by NGO "Development of cross-border trade in Khatlon region" with the aim to improve the cross-border economic relations, development of cross-border trade in Northern provinces of Afghanistan and Khatlon region of Tajikistan. Entrepreneurs and local authorities of Khatlon region of the Republic of Tajikistan, entrepreneurs from Takhar and Kunduz provinces of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and representatives of JICA in Tajikistan participated in the event. It should be noted that among 30 participants eight of them were female representatives from both countries.

On May 12, visits were organized to enterprises of Kurgan-Tube to get acquainted with the local products, as well as to consider  further partnership opportunities. Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to visit workshops for production of soft drinks, textile enterprise "Resanda" and sewing center, transformer plant and jewelry workshop LLC "Mayrambibi". The participants got introduced with activity of "Kombinati khurokvori" JSC of Kurgan-Tube on storage of fruits and vegetables in cold rooms and producing dried fruits and canned products with unique technology. Participants from Afghanistan have been interested in innovative technologies on drying fruits, which they plan to use in their own country. Entrepreneurs also visited confectionery company "Shirinihoi Shark" and market "Hoji Sharif" in Kurgan-Tube.

On May 13, a meeting of entrepreneurs of two counties was organized where possibilities of investment and entrepreneurship in “Panj” free economic zone were presented and discussed. In addition, participants were introduced with activity of LLC "Saodat" in Khuroson district. An exhibition of goods that are produced in both countries was organized, after which participants discussed possibility of establishing trade and business activities. According to the results of the event, 16 memorandums of further cooperation on purchase and sale of dried fruits, products, jewelry, construction of sugar factory, etc. were signed for the amount of more than 600 thousand USD.

Upon completion of organized events, a round table on "Improving business environment within the framework of cross-border economic relations between two countries" was conducted where participants shared their proposals and ideas on further trade and business development between these two countries.

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Mr. Ruslan Ziganshin, LITACA Project Manager, Communities Programme, UNDP Tajikistan  at ruslan.ziganshin@undp.org and Ms. Tahmina Rozikova, Communication and Partnership Officer, Communities Programme, UNDP Tajikistan at: tahmina.rozikova@undp.org

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