Nov 7, 2016

November 3 2016, Dushanbe, Tajikistan –UN Joint Advocacy Project on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS, UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF) with technical support from the Social Protection Department of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan (MoHSPP) and Social Protection Policy Analysis Unit of MoHSPP conducted a round table, where the outcomes of the functional review of the Social Assistance at Home Units (SAHU) in Tajikistan was presented. Around 25 representatives from the MoHSPP, Social Protection Policy Analysis Unit under the MoHSPP, State Agency on Social Protection of the Population, National and International Organizations, Experts and Donors took part at the event.

During the introductory session, Head of the Social Service sector of MoHSPP, Mr. Yusufzoda Fakhriddin said that “Our main purpose is to strengthen the capacity of SAHUs and capacity building of their employees and evaluation of other institutions engaged in social protection. This round table will serve as an important step towards an effective assessment of resources required, barriers to be anticipated, amongst other issues. I would like to stress that a great work was done in the Survey process and I hope that as a result of this event we will develop an action plan for improvement of social service institutions in our country”. 

 Mr. Mubin Rustamov, Head of Programme Unit, UNDP Tajikistan in his opening statement mentioned that “It is very inspiring to see the progressing cooperation we are having with the Ministry of Health and SP, Agency of Social Protection, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Migration as well as see our development partners. Under the UNJAP work plan for 2016, it was planned to conduct a review on Social Assistance at Home Units in Tajikistan. Our colleagues have successfully conducted the mentioned review. Special thanks go to the MoHSPP for their dedicated efforts in arranging and coordinating all meetings and appointments in six cities/districts. Today, we are pleased to share with you the findings of the review. We believe you will find the findings of the review very interesting and beneficial to your ongoing activities. Jointly with other UN sister agencies involved in UNJAP Project, we have already started discussions around our partnership on institutional strengthening of the SAHU system in Tajikistan. We would be very much interested in harmonisation of our interventions with other development partners”.

Ms. Jasmina Papa, Social Inclusion Advisor, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub welcomed all participants and in her opening statement mentioned that “This report examines the role and functions of Social Assistance at Home Units (SAHU) and their contribution to social service delivery as set in legislation and policies framing national social protection system. Changed legal and policy context requires institutional capacity and human resources with relevant professional skills to deliver new functions. Thus, MoHSPP initiated, in cooperation with development partners, a number of interventions to expand capacities of existing structures, to create new ones and to provide methodological guidance for service providers.  One of the activities building into these efforts is the assessment of the functions of SAHUs with a view to propose options for their transformation into providers of holistic and integrated social services at the local level for individuals, families and groups facing diverse social risks. The analysis in this report is based on literature and legislation review, structured interviews with decision makers in MoHSPP, focus groups discussions with management and staff of six SAHUs and interviews with selected development partners”.

It should be mentioned that by the end of the meeting representatives of different institutions engaged in social protection programme design and implementation expressed their high-level satisfaction with the round table and its content and suggested to establish a working group under MoHSPP which will engage national and international partners to select the best option for its further piloting and implementation in the country.  

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