Qualification improvement and management skills courses conducted for SHHP employees in Tajikistan

Feb 10, 2017

From December 2016 to January 2017, professional courses were conducted as the part of the UNDP / GEF project "Transfer of technology and market development of small hydropower plants in Tajikistan" to enhance the capacity of the technical staff of small hydropower plants, according to UNDP Tajikistan.

The courses were organized in the framework of the sub-project “Establishing and capacity building of the companies in five project’s target areas for the operation, maintenance and management of the constructed SHPPs” implemented by the Public Fund "Tajik-Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Development.”

The courses have reportedly been organized for twenty-four representatives of the four target districts of Vahdat, Sh.Shohin, Rasht, and Ayni.

The main objective of the course was to train technical personnel and improve the competence and capacity of the local communities to manage small hydroelectric power stations that are being built in the framework of the project.

To conduct the course, the Public Fund collaborated with the State Enterprise “Training Centre in the Field of Energy” of the State Service for Supervision in the Field of Energy.  To achieve the objectives of this project, the institution amended their education program to meet the requirements in training the electricians in the field of SHPS.  The program was focused on practical management issues of SHPS and creating sustainable operation in the remote mountain regions. The course consisted of theoretical introductory courses, intensive practical training in the classroom and on a specially equipped site of the center.

The participants were also acknowledged with the process of manufacturing of the equipment produced per the European technology at the facilities of two production sites: SUPEN "Korgohi Mashinasozi" and CJSC “Energoremont.”  It should be noted that the transfer of the European knowledge has been carried out by the Croatian company “Komperg” in the framework of the UNDP / GEF Project “Technology Transfer and SHPP Market Development in Tajikistan.”

Thus, the participants of the course also familiarized themselves with the process of the creation of hydraulic and electrical equipment for small hydropower plants.

Upon completion of the course participant took the exam.  Based on the results, participants were certified as the licensed electricians (of the level 2 and 3).

During the second phase of the course, representatives of the Jamoats participated in the one-day course.  Basics management course included basics of financial and managerial accounting, preparation of financial statements and holding management workflow. Participants also received information on the reporting forms required by local law.

As it was mentioned above, the courses were organized in cooperation with the Public Fund "Tajik-Norwegian Centre for Sustainable Development" in the framework of the UNDP / GEF project, Transfer of Technology and Market Development of Small Hydropower Plants in Tajikistan, aimed at accelerating the development of small hydropower in Tajikistan.  The project should lead to the reduction in the use of traditional biomass and fossil fuels for energy production and other energy needs, and thus, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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