UNDP Connects Microfinance to Environmental Sustainability

Feb 21, 2017

Training for employees of micro-credit funds

The series of trainings on the “Integration of environmental management in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and the microcredit funds (MCF), as well as on «Criteria for environmental sustainability of business activities" for employees of MCFs and representatives of the SMEs of Khatlon and Sughd regions conducted under the framework of the UNDP-UNEP project "Poverty-Environment Initiative" (PEI) and the UNDP" Wider Europe: Aid for trade for Central Asia" (AfT).  The next set of these trainings are expected to be conducted in Rasht Valley in mid-March 2017.

Development of microfinance sector over the past two decades led to solution of a number of socio-economic problems. With development of microfinance industry, it managed to tackle socio-economic issues through providing access to finance. However, impressive growth of the sector led to an increase in environmental impact through business development, and thus to greater use of natural resources. As a result, currently MFIs are increasingly expected to consider a broader spectrum of issues in their operations.

A series of trainings mentioned above aimed to promote innovative "green" business ideas, increase productivity and export potential of the agricultural value chains, as well as making management and investment decisions based on environmental priorities. Participants of the training learned methods of environmental screening and implementation of environmental issues in the policy of SMEs. This initiative raises awareness among the stakeholders on the sustainable use of natural resources and measures for adaptation to climate change, and elevate mainstreaming of environmental considerations in investment decisions.

This training forwarded to promote eco-innovative business ideas, to raise awareness about the sustainable use of natural resources and adaptation to climate change impacts and cover methods of undertaking environmental screening through introduction of environmental issues in the policy of SMEs, which are supported by the UNDP AfT project through the Business Support Fund and by decision of the Project Proposals Assessment (PPAC) Committee. The aim of the training was to

It should be noted that special attention is paid to the support of agricultural sector and its development in view of the priority areas listed in the Trade development programs of Sughd and Khatlon regions, as well as Districts Development Plans (DDPs) of these regions for the period of 2016-2020.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Tahmina Azizova – PEI National Project Coordinator of UNDP CP at tahmina.azizova@undp.org and Mr. Parviz Akramov- Aid for Trade National Coordinator, parviz.akramov@undp.org

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