Peaceful neighbors - good friends

Apr 5, 2017

March 30, 2017, Buston, Sughd Oblast

Life in the border communities of the Kyrgyz and Tajik Republics requires understanding of ethnic differences, respect for the culture and traditions of  two nationalities. Moreover, peaceful neighborhood requires certain knowledge and expertise of peacebuilding.

 “Peaceful neighbors are the good friends” is the slogan of all youth activities in 80 bordering communities of Tajikistan.  The five-day training program on tolerance, leadership and active participation is the first part of the youth capacity-building program. The training program is developed based on the needs and capacity assessment of 8 Youth Contact groups and concords with the UNDP project aims. 

During the training, participants will learn such topics as: tolerance, leadership, critical thinking, negotiations, dialogue, active participation as well as decision-making. Throughout a year, it is envisaged to conduct at least 40 similar events within the framework of the project, which also will be held in the Kyrgyz side.

"To live in peace with our neighbors, we should establish a close friendship and respect and provide  more opportunities for cooperation. I am here, to make friends with other bordering villages, get more knowledge, and discuss new ideas for cooperation between the youth of two countries. I am confident that the event will meet my expectations, "says Parviz Mavlyatdinov, a member of the youth group from Jamoat Ovchi Kalacha.

UNDP of Kyrgyz and Tajik Republics together with its implementing partners ASTI Tajikistan and FTI Kyrgyzstan support trust building among the youth of the bordering communities of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and strengthening of their socio-economic cooperation.

The initiative is being implemented within the framework of the PBF/SDC funded project “Cross-border cooperation for sustainable peace and development”

M&E Specialist, Khujand AO

Gulshod Sharipova

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