Apr 27, 2017

27- April 2017 in Tajikobod village of Dusti district the opening ceremony of newly built and equipped medical house was held in the framework of UNDP Tajikistan project on “Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas" (LITACA), financed by the Government of Japan through JICA Tajikistan. The sub-project was identified and prioritized while formulation of Dusti District Development Programme through community consultations. The Chairman of the district Mr. Rajabzoda Salohiddin, UNDP Shaartuz AO Manager Mr. Abdulghani Ibrohimov and local community attended the event.


Before the construction of the medical facility, the local population had limited access to the health care services, due to distant location (3 km) from rural health center “Markaz” and limited opportunities of the old medical point of Tajikobod village, constructed in 1970. As a result, of provided support, more than 3249 (1900 female) people of Tajikobod village and another two neighboring villages Tursunzoda and Namuna now have better access to medical services and about 3 people will be employed.


The medical house consists of four rooms, including therapeutic, vaccination, gynecological and waiting rooms. Heating and water supply system is installed in the medical house for the convenience of the patients. To ensure the quality and timely assistance the medical house is furnished and equipped with modern technologies.  


The resident from Tajikobod village Mehrinisor Gozieva expressed her gratitude on behalf of the village population. She mentioned that before the local people had difficulties with access to medical services. It is important to note that it was especially hard to get to the nearest hospital for people with disabilities, women and children.


This initiative improves access of the rural population to modern and timely medical care, there would be positive social and economic improvements: the medical houses will have better referrals (including among pregnant women), early treatment (in the case of widespread cardio-vascular diseases) and better treatment and prevention (in the case of infectious diseases and children vaccination).


The Project for Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas (LITACA)” is financed by the Government of Japan through JICA and is being implemented by UNDP Tajikistan in close cooperation with UNDP Afghanistan for the period of three years 2014-2017. 

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