Roundtable for National Adaptation Plan to cope with Climate Change

Jun 9, 2017

 9 June 2017, Dushanbe, Tajikistan: A roundtable was held by UNDP aimed at initiating  development of National Adaptation Planning process (NAP) focused on integrating climate adaptation into sectoral policies and strategies in Tajikistan.

The Government of Tajikistan decided to launch the NAP process to adopt a long-term approach for reducing vulnerability to climate impacts and to facilitate the integration of climate adaptation into on-going planning processes at national and sub-national levels, with a focus on integration adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

The purpose of this roundtable is to assess the current needs and capacities for climate change adaptation, and to inform the preparation and development of the country’s NAP.

Specific objectives are below:

·     Identify activities and processes that can serve as entry points for climate change adaptation integration;

·       Engage with stakeholders on issues related to their current capacities and needs around climate change adaptation to help inform decisions on developing a NAP process;

·        Develop an indicative roadmap and strategic goals for NAP process;

39 participants, from key state agencies, academia, non-governmental organizations, and civil society organizations, attended this roundtable.

Ms. Oykhon Toirova, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Environmental Protection in her opening remarks highlighted the importance of climate change adaptation to increasing the resilience of people to climate change, and stressed that climate change adaptation is paramount for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Ms. Oykhon Toirova stated that “The Government of Tajikistan is strongly committed to tackle with climate change. So, through this roundtable, we expect to generate a productive action plan to reduce the negative impact of climate change.”

Ms. Sanja Bojanic, Deputy Country Director, UNDP in her opening remarks stated that “Climate change adaptation requires coordinated responses, both at the national and the local levels so we are pleased to support the Government to take steps to integrate adaptation into policies and programmes, based on priorities identified by the Government of Tajikistan.”



For additional information please contact: Ms. Nargizakhon Usmanova, Programme Analyst, UNDP Tajikistan. Tel: +992 (44) 600 56 00; Email:

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