Water Sector Reform and Flood Management Pilot Workshop on Flood Management Planning

Sep 14, 2017

Sughd Province, Tajikistan, 14 September, 2017.

On the September 13th, 2017, UNDP Tajikistan together with the SDC funded National Water Resource Management Project, implemented by the HELVETAS Consortium (Helvetas, ACTED, and GIZ) held a pilot Workshop on Flood Management Planning in Khujand, Sughd Province.

Workshop attendees included members of the Aksu Watershed Dialogue, including land owners and businesses in the watershed, together with government officials from Spitamen and Devashtij Districts (bisected by the watershed) and the Sughd Province, NGO staff working in the watershed and members of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Expert Group. Among the participants were representatives of the Committee of Emergency Situation and Civil Defense, Agency for Land Reclamation and Irrigation and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

The workshop objectives were to 1) Pilot a watershed-based flood management approach and 2) Develop an overall understanding of flood management responsibilities across the watershed. The workshop was part of an effort to improve flood planning under the water sector reform currently underway in Tajikistan.

As part of the workshop, participants identified the organizations responsible for flood management across the preparedness, warning and evacuation, immediate relief, recovery and risk reduction stages. The workshop participants discussed a range of flood management methods, ranging from dams to improved early warning and insurance. Information on these methods was used to identify optimal interventions to improve flood management in the Aksu drainage.  

“The workshop was very informative and proactive. This is very useful for our own work and involving all the parties including River Bank Organizations, will help us in our future work”. stated by Mr. Kholikov Musliidin, representative of Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of RT.

Pilot Workshop on Flood Management Planning was organized under the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation-funded Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance in Tajikistan Project, managed by the Disaster Risk Management Program, UNDP Tajikistan.

For additional information please contact: Mr. Firdavs Faizulloev, Programme Manager, UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme. Tel: +992(44) 6005909; Email: firdavs.faizulloev@undp.org

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