UN Day

Oct 24, 2017

UN Family in Tajikistan

Dear UN Family in Tajikistan,

A very happy UN Day to all of you ! On this occasion,  I would like to congratulate each one of you on your achievements and selfless dedication in making a difference in the lives of the people of Tajikistan and around the world.

Today, we’re celebrating 72 years of UN service towards peace, prosperity and Human Rights of all and we are also marking 25 years of partnership between the UN and Tajikistan.  During 25 years, Tajikistan has made great progress in attaining and maintaining peace; socio-economic development; achieving several MDGs- most importantly reducing income of poverty from 81% in 1999 to 31% in 2016; 99% primary education enrollment; 95% literacy rate of youth; reducing incidents of HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria but a lot more needs to be done such as ensuring gender equality; food security and nutrition; participation and rule of law; managing climate change impact; inclusive economic development and job creation and access to quality education and health in a way that “no one is left behind”.  The Agenda2030 with 17 SDGS provides us a  framework to work in partnership with the Government, CSOs and private sector to promote equitable and inclusive social – economic - environment development of all Tajik People and the Nation.

The World has changed since UN was founded 72 years ago, problems of today are far more complex than ever before but we also have the knowledge to overcome challenges through innovation and collaboration. The Secretary General’s proposed UN reforms are to make UN stronger, innovative and flexible to respond to today’s challenges in contemporary manner to prevent despair, crises, fragility and conflict.  In Tajikistan, the UN system must also strive towards innovation and work together to further help Tajikistan become  just,  prosperous, sustainable and a happy Nation.  I look forward to working with all of you in upholding United Nations Charter and UN Staff Code of Conduct.

Tashakuri ziyod,

Dr.(Ms.) Pratibha Mehta
UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative

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