Tanyol, Khatlon, 18 September 2018 – The UNDP has built a public bath within its water supply and sanitation project for the people of Tanyol and the surrounding villages, where 32,000 people live. The bathhouse is equipped with autonomous heating system and tanks for uninterrupted hot and cold water supply.

The idea for the construction comes from lack of quality water supply and sanitation services, along with unsafe hygienic practices contributing to high incidence of diarrhea and helminth infections in remote regions of the country.

“Despite the government’s efforts in the past years to improve sanitation services, rural sanitation conditions have remained very poor. Around 97 per cent of the rural population rely exclusively on outdoor sanitation and hygiene facilities. The conditions are aggravated by the often-harsh climate, resulting in significant hardships for the rural population in general, and for women, children and people with disabilities in particular,” said representative of UNDP in Tajikistan.

Tajikistan Water Supply and Sanitation Project (TajWSS), funded by the Swiss Development Office, aims to raise the quality of life in remote regions of Tajikistan by increasing access to clean water and improving sanitation.

Access to drinking water and basic sanitation in rural areas is one of the top priorities for the Tajik government. Little investments have been made in basic facilities and social services, including water supply, sanitation and hygiene since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Much of the existing drinking water and sewerage infrastructure was installed prior to the 1980s and has not been renovated since; the facilities are either in poor condition or absent at all.

Earlier, the project has established a new drinking water supply system for the village. This system will also serve as a source of clean water for the new bathhouse. The bathhouse, which cost the project 100,000 USD, has a safe dranage system equipped with a four-section sewage treatment plant, which is expected to decrease the negative impact of household drain water on the environment and people’s health.

The architecture of the premise is designed to allow easy access to all people, including those with disabilities.

For more information, you can contact Mustakim Akhmedov, Project analyst \ Water, UNDP Energy & Environment Program at 93 999 9392 or e-mail. mail: mustakim.akhmedov@undp.org

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