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Tajikistan: Accelerating Progress towards the MDGs by Access to Energy. UNDP 2010.

Accelerating Progress Toward the MDGs by Access to Energy

Jun 17, 2013

This report discusses the problems concerning access to energy for people in Tajikistan and the possibility of hydropower, especially small hydropower stations. In the past three years, Tajikistan has experienced a severe energy crisis compounded by the global food, fuel and economic crises. These crises threaten to reverse the progress that the country made in the past decade to achieve the MDGs.
Tajikistan has prioritized construction of large hydropower stations similar to those on the Vakhsh River, but there is a growing recognition that smallscale energy is a better option for improving energy access. Small-scale hydropower stations can be constructed quickly and with modest financing. Already, many communities in rural towns and villages have taken the initiative to build small-scale hydropower stations by mobilizing their own resources.

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