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Tajikistan Progress Report.

UNDP TJK MDG Progress Report 2010 eng

Jun 7, 2013

This report, which is another progress report on achieving the Millennium Development Goals, has been produced in more challenging conditions than the  previous ones. This is explained by the onset in 2008 of the global financial crisis,  which has made significant adjustments in process of fulfilling the tasks outlined by  the Millennium Declaration 2000. The above- mentioned adjustments, unfortunately,  have had a negative effect.

Many of the data collected for sections of the report reflect the inertia of the “quiet”, i.e. precrisis years, and required review and additional estimates, and the holding of numerous discussions with experts, senior officials of ministries and departments, and representatives of economic circles.

Therefore, the experts extend their gratitude to United Nations agencies in Tajikistan for their financial and technical support, and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, and other departments. They were sympathetic in  understanding importance of the assignment and readily providing the necessary  data, and also expressed their views on the impact of the global financial crisis on  the pace and efficiency of the progress towards meeting the MDGs in Tajikistan.

The Project team also thanks the UNDP Regional Centre in Bratislava for providing the necessary methodological materials and the staff of the UNDP Country Office, who created a constructive and effective working atmosphere and mobilized a  project team for highly productive work.

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