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 Dried fruits processing workshop provides seasonal employment opportunities for women of Kurud village, Ayni district - @UNDP, 2017

The Ayni Area Office was established in 2005 to reach Zerafshan Valley communities. The Zarafshan Valley is a remote mountainous area covering over a third of the territory of the Sughd region with a total area of 12,593 square kilometers and a population of 388,966 (50 % female). The residents of the Valley are mainly engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding often hampered by unstable weather conditions, limited land resources and deteriorated infrastructure. Access to the Valley during the winter is limited for nearly half of the year due to road conditions which is prone to natural disasters such as mudflows, floods and avalanches.

In 2005, UNDP set up an Area Office in Ayni district. It prioritizes activities that enhance local governance, support economic growth, improve employment opportunities and service delivery (including safe drinking water), mitigate disaster risk, and attract and mobilize labor migrants’ remittances for local development. Ayni Area Office (AO) considers gender mainstreaming as a key aspect of programme interventions which focus on giving equal opportunities for men and women to participate in civil society and local development. The following projects were implemented through the Ayni AO during 2006 – 2016 with the coverage of around 1 million beneficiary people through more than 400 sub-projects in infrastructure, economic development and social sectors:

1.     Zarafshan Valley Initiative Project, funded by DFID/UNDP with total budget USD 9,303,975.00

2.     Strengthening of Early Recovery Capacities in Tajikistan, funded by DFID/UNDP with total budget USD 9,303,975.00

3.    Goal Wash (GW)/Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) Water Rights and Responsibilities Awareness Campaign Project funded by UNDP/GEF with total budget USD 203,000.00

4.    Rural Growth Programme, funded by DFID, UNDP and GIZ with total budget USD 18,670,000

5.    “Livelihood Improvement of Rural Population of 9 Districts of Republic of Tajikistan” funded by Government of Russian Federation with the budget of 6,700 000.00 USDs

Currently, UNDP Ayni implements “Empowerment of social-economic opportunities of women and youth in Zerafshan Valley” which started in 2017 and will end on December, 2019. The project covers two Districts of Zerafshan Valley, Ayni and Kuhistoni Mastchoh with the budget of 1,600 000.00 USDs which is funded by Government of Russian Federation.    

The Zerafshan Valley runs from East to West between the Turkestan and Hissar-Zerafshan mountain ranges. Access to Tajikistan’s side of the Zerafshan Valley is limited to two road outlets. These two roads which are very often in difficult conditions and sometimes closed in winter, consist of a North-South mountain road that intersects the two mountain ranges and serves as the only road link between Northern Tajikistan’s Sugd Province and the country’s capital – Dushanbe.

List of Partners:

Government at Oblast level (Sughd Oblast Hukumat), Government at District level (Ayni, Panjakent and Kuhistoni Matchoh Hukumats), Government at Jamoat level (24 Zeravshan valley Jamoats), 2 Associations of Dehkan Farms, MLF “Rushdi Vodii Zarafshon” and local NGOs.  

Donor Agencies:
Government of the Russian Federation

Contact Details:
Daler Nazarov, Area Manager
E-Mail: daler.nazarov@undp.org

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