Support to Effective National Aid Coordination and Investment Promotion

What is the Programme about?

The project supports effective national Aid Coordination and Investment Promotion.  The goal is to strengthen Tajikistan’s aid coordination architecture and promote investments through capacity building of the Com-e on Investment and other relevant Government bodies.

Project outputs:

  • Provide core information services to government, donors and implementing organizations on aid flows;
  • Improve aid coordination and enhance aid effectiveness to support national ownership and ensure alignment of donors support on national development strategies;
  • Policy Advice and Coordination on Investment Promotion enhancing international economic cooperation between Tajikistan and countries with good practices in the area;
  • Generation of strategy / programs to promote FDI and providing regulatory and methodological support for the investment policy of selected regions and/or industries

Accomplishments so far

Major Project efforts have aimed at the formation of an effective institutional basis of the aid coordination sphere and investment activities. For this purpose regulatory frameworks were developed within aid coordination and management processes that are used by the SCISPM in line with its broadened mandate and new management structure.
Dialogue between the Government and donors within the preparation and implementation of joint documents and activities was supported. The project actively participated in development and implementation of the JCPS. Also, a Draft Action Plan was developed for its effective implementation that provides for a range of activities at national and sector levels aligned with the Joint aid effectiveness principles agreed by the Government and donors. Participation of Tajikistan in international aid effectiveness processes was supported. The Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey was conducted for the first time.

A joint Government/DCC delegation took part in preparation and participation at the High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan. Increased transparency and effectiveness of the aid information management system was ensured. For that purpose an on-line Aid Information Management System (AIMS) was developed that is successfully used by the SCISPM. Partner agencies have direct access to the AIMS and they annually update the information on aid projects/agreements. Based on this updated DB/AIMS information an overview of the aid situation is done, the annual guides “Development Partners Profiles” and “Foreign Aid Report” are prepared and published, that contain necessary information on aid distribution by different aspects, analysis of trends of aid flow changes and aid alignment with PRS. Information resources on aid coordination have been supported. Increased functionality of the SCISPM website enabled the increase of traffic that totaled at more than 51 thousand hits from users from many countries all around the world.

The project achieved the promotion of the regulatory framework in the field of investment activities by preparing two Decrees of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on approving the Concept of the Government Policy to attract and protect investments, and the Program on improvement of investment attraction in the mining sector in the Republic of Tajikistan. The project also participated in the preparation and conduction of three International Forums to promote investment in agribusiness in Tajikistan (2010-2012), and the preparation of the brochure "Agribusiness investment in Tajikistan 2011-2012". Four analytical researches in the investment sphere were conducted and training programmes have been conducted to increase the SCISPM staff’s capacity, including an on-job seminar cycle and English language courses.

Who finances it?


Delivery in previous fiscal year

$214,146 (2013).

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