Support to DCC Secretariat Project

What is the Programme about?

Tajikistan is benefitting from greater stability and the investment climate has much improved since the end of the civil war, but in order for Tajikistan to prosper and develop as a country the framework of a modern and effective state needs to be enhanced. Aid coordination, management and effectiveness have often become overwhelmed by donor actions, especially in countries highly dependent on aid. Therefore the objective of this project is to strengthen Tajikistan’s aid coordination architecture through supporting effective coordination between the Government of Tajikistan and Donors to ensure the implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy 3, Joint Country Partnership Strategy and DFAP and increase national ownership and capacity to lead sector reform and donor coordination.

Donors have established a Donor Coordination Council (DCC) as a forum for regular donor coordination. The chair of the DCC is spokesperson for development partners at formal Government/partner meetings and is the official point of contact on general coordination matters.

Accomplishments so far

DCC facilitated and organized coordination support to the Government of Tajikistan for preparation and organization of the Development Forum. The overall objective of the Forum was to present and review the progress of activities set under the Development Forum Action Plan in 2012 as well as the agreement on the new mid-term development strategy for the country for the period of 2013-2015.

Several pre-Forum thematic sessions were organized by DCC project, where high-ranking officials from the Executive Office of the President, Ministries of Economic Development and Trade, State Committee in Investments and State Property Management and other relevant ministries attended. Comments that yielded from meetings and sessions have been presented and incorporated into the policy documents and discussed during conferences.

In 2012, the project contributed to the accomplishment of the following major results – organizing a Regional Economic Cooperation for Afghanistan-4 (RECCA-2), the Development Forum and the consultation and elaboration of Tajikistan Living Standards Improvement Strategy for 2012-2015.

During the RECCA-4 Conference, DCC arranged a thematic dialogue with all stakeholders who work in the field of cross-border cooperation and border management. Eventually, the outcome of the dialogues was presented at the high-level Development Forum that took place in mid-December.

Who finances it?

DFID for 2012, Government of Switzerland (SDC) for 2013 and 2014.

Delivery in previous fiscal year

$ 31,304.00  (2013)

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