Health System Strengthening

The Program Health System Strengthening is funded by Gavi Alliance at the total amount US$3,6 million with the duration of 2017-2022. This is a joint Project of UNDP, UNICEF, WHO and Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Population of Tajikistan.  The main objective of the joint project is to strengthen health system and improve immunization service system among targeted population.

HSS program expected outcome:

Output 1. Strengthen capacity of PHC with focus on immunization service quality and safety;

Output 2. Improve equity in vaccination by increasing immunization coverage in low performing and hard-to-reach areas;

Output 3. Improve implementation of the National Health Strategy “Population Health of Tajikistan 2010-2020” with focus on immunization; and

Output 4. Improve readiness of population to immunization and MCH services.

Component 1

·       Expand/upgrade transport for PHC including immunization

·       Procurement of necessary vehicles and spare parts

·       Optimization use of transport to benefit PHC and preventive services

·       Improve MCH service delivery conditions (including immunization) in strategic districts (with high level of immunization coverage)

·       Rehabilitation of the selected existing PHC facilities ensuring gender-specific needs

·       Construction of new PHC facilities addressing both men and women needs

·       Procurement and installation of necessary equipment and furniture

Component 2

·       Expansion of a network of mobile teams for reaching the population in hard-to-reach or low density areas

·       Establishment and equipping the mobile team

·       Procurement of vehicles for the mobile teams

·       Supporting mobile team’s operation

·       Improve geographical access to functional PHC facilities in high-density population areas with low immunization coverage:

·       Refining PHC infrastructure improvement plan for selected districts

·       Construction of new and rehabilitation of existing PHC facilities in selected areas

·       Rehabilitation of existing PHC facilities in selected areas

·       Selection, recruitment and training staff (mobile/new facilities) for selected medical facilities

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