Innovative solutions for nationalizing and localizing SDGs and economic empowerment of women, youth and PWD

The Project “Innovative solutions for nationalizing and localizing SDGs and economic empowerment of women, youth and PWD” funded by the Government of Norway with total amount of support  US$1,1million.

Project implementation period: January 2018 - December 2019

The main objective of the Project is enabling development stakeholders at national and local to effectively plan, monitor and implement sustainable and inclusive development strategies in the context of Agenda 2030.

 The project targets the needs of young people (18-35 years of age) and women living in rural areas as well as people with disabilities.

 The project will enhance capacities of stakeholders to apply innovative solutions, including Public Private Partnerships and other cooperation models for sustainable management of local resources and provision of basic services.

The main Components of the project are:

1.     Support to SDG nationalization and localization in Tajikistan;

2.     Support to trade promotion and development of women and youth-led innovative solutions for small and medium business development;

3.     Promotion of public-private partnership for local development, including PPP models for management of natural resources; and

4.     Engagement of youth, people with disabilities and women into the entrepreneurship.

Output 1 will be focused on continued SDG nationalization

·        Enhance capacity of Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to development finance assessment and review the financial landscape for sustainable development goals;

·        Policy support for nationalizing of SDGs in national and sub-national country development policies and plans;

·        Strengthening M&E system and coordination mechanisms for SDGs/NDS implementation management;

·        Supporting the Government of Tajikistan to conduct policy research, analytical studies and alternative reports on SDGs/NDS progress to complement the evidence base for SDG and NDS mainstreaming, acceleration, evaluation and reporting.

Output 2 is aimed at development of more conducive business environment and new jobs, especially for women and youth in rural areas.

·        Improving access of microenterprises, especially female-lead companies, to affordable financial resources;

·        Supporting the micro- and small agro-producers/processors in improving business skills and linkages with the markets;

·        Organizing innovation lab for green niche products of Tajikistan to elaborate packaged solution for development of green products value chains and to provide consultative service for producers;

Output 3 is aimed to support capacities of the Government to cooperate with and involve private sector into the public service delivery process through PPP models.

·        Strengthening institutional capacities of Public-Private Partnership Centre through mentorship and trainings;

·        Capacity building of main stakeholders on PPP using the mechanisms of South-South and triangular cooperation;

·        Explore opportunities of building knowledge network among PPP institutions in both countries;

·        Conducting awareness raising campaign on PPP mechanism among local stakeholders.

Output 4 focus on promoting of economic empowerment of young people, women and girls in rural areas and people with disabilities. This platform creates an enabling environment for young entrepreneur-minded people, and helps to promote the start-up ideas and mentality in Tajikistan.

·        Promoting doing business opportunities and knowledge among youth, people with disabilities and women;

·        Support in enhancing youth entrepreneurship ecosystem and awareness raising


Ministry of Economic Development and Trade; Ministry of Finance; State Committee on Investments and State Property Management; Agency on Statistics; business-promotion organizations; MFOs; academia and research institutions; NGOs and Target districts administrations

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