Livelihoods improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross-border Areas

Project key facts and figures

The Project on “Cross-border Cooperation for Sustainable Peace and Development” endorsed in December 2015 by the United Nations Peace building Support Office/ Peace building Fund (PBF) envisages to strengthen cooperation and trust between communities in pilot Tajik-Kyrgyz village clusters towards mitigating and prevention risks of conflict situation in cross-border area.

The Project is funded by PBF - $1,500,000.0 and Swiss Cooperation Office (SCO) - $1,011,705.0 and expected to be implemented by the group of UN agencies (UNDP, WFP, UNICEF, UN-Women and FAO) in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan and other national counterparts.

Project implementation period: January 2015 – December 2017.

The Project adopts a multi-faceted approach in dealing with the complex nature of the challenges that Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan face in their border area. Proposed Project interventions include: conflict monitoring, cross-border intercommunity dialogue, awareness raising and information sharing, cooperation between border security forces and communities, and confidence building measures that may include for example joint youth initiatives, cooperation in natural resource management, immediate peace dividends through conflict-sensitive social infrastructure development and livelihood support.

The Project will promote a people-to-people approach, engaging with communities at the very local level in order to contribute to the normalization of their relationships.

The Project will particularly promote the participation of women and youth in cross-border peace-building. In order to promote community participation and volunteerism, the Project will engage local monitors-mobilizers on both sides of the border to mobilize communities, support conflict monitoring, community dialogue, and the implementation of confidence building measures.

Project target areas:

2 districts of Sughd Oblast – Isfara and B.Gafurov.

Project partners: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan and other national counterparts.

Project Objectives:

The main objective of the Project is: increasing cooperation and trust between communities towards mitigating risks of renewed violence, which is expected to be achieved through the following Outputs:

o   Improved linkages and cooperation between security providers, local authorities and communities to reduce violent incidents;

o   Communities restore cross-border linkages and cooperation by jointly addressing interdependent needs/ challenges associated with community infrastructure and natural resources;

o   At-risk youth have increased their level of inter-ethnic tolerance and are less likely to engage in violence; and

o   Women enhance cooperation and trust between communities through actively participating in the identification and implementation of cross-border initiatives.

Peace building interventions are designed so that they contribute to short-term stabilization and at the same time will be catalytic to prepare the ground for the promotion of sustainable peace, aiming at finding pathways that can be followed with additional funding of other donors beyond the duration of this project.

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