Promotion of social and economic opportunities for women and youth in Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan

The Project “Promotion of social and economic opportunities for women and youth in Zerafshan Valley of Tajikistan” funded by the Government of the Russian Federation, through Russian Federation - UNDP Trust Fund for Development and implemented by UNDP Tajikistan. The total amount of support is 1.7 million dollars aimed at promotion social and economic opportunities for women and youth.

Project implementation period: July 2017- December 2019

Project target districts: Ayni and Kuhistoni Mastchoh districts of Sughd Region

The interventions of this initiative intended towards demonstration and promotion of efficient integrated local development solutions to improve livelihoods and socio-economic opportunities for women and youth through vocational education and strengthened business skills, better access to education and health services, and effectively addressing labor migration issues and mitigation of its social consequences.

Overall goal/Expected impact: Enhanced welfare and economic resilience of population of Zerafshan Valley

Project purpose / Expected outcome: Rural women and young people in Zerafshan Valley more actively participate and contribute to the local economic life and have improved access to decent employment, education and health.

Project objectives/Components:

1.      Increased income and job opportunities for rural women and youth through business skills development, vocational trainings and access to finance

2.      Improved access to social services for rural women and youth through enhanced capacities of local health, education facilities and increased community engagement for promotion of healthy lifestyles and education for all

3.      Improved awareness of rural women and youth on employment issues

The main activities of the Project:

·        Providing start up business trainings for at least 200 women and young people and follow up advisory support for start-upper;

·        Organization of comprehensive trainings courses on small and medium business development (management, marketing, finance, business planning) for existing women-headed businesses, at least with 30 women entrepreneurs getting advanced business skills;

·        Providing micro-capital grants, at least to 10 public organizations, association of dekhkan farms, local business associations, business support centers for promotion of supportive business environment and supporting local income generating initiatives, at least for 500 women and young entrepreneurs;

·        Developing vocational trainings/modules adapted to the needs of target population, considering locally available resources, market demands and training at least 200 women and young people from remote villages;

·        Renovation of premises and provision of equipment/learning aids for vocational institutions, including equipment for organizing distance trainings in remote villages;

·        Rehabilitation and equipping two remote secondary schools, including strengthening energy efficiency and safety conditions of rural schools, through supply of energy efficient technologies;

·        Rehabilitation and equipping at least two local healthcare facilities, focusing on those providing reproductive and maternal service around for 2,000 people;

·        Organizing trainings for local officials representing employment, women and youth committees, religious leaders and community-based organizations working with youth and returning migrants on effective management of employment;

·        Awareness raising campaign among 5,000 local population, including rural women, migrants’ wives and young people on issues of unorganized migration and its social consequences, promoting entrepreneurship, etc.

Project goals are aligned with the SDGs, as well as with UN Development Assistance Framework for the Republic of Tajikistan. It covers issues of poverty elimination and hunger through ensuring food security, health and education, gender equality, employment and development in climate change conditions, as well as building partnership with various sectors in the context of local and national development.

Project partners: Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan; Committee on Family and Women's Affairs under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan; State Committee on Investments and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan; Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan; Administration of Sughd Region, Districts Administrations and Local self-government Bodies; Development Partners; Public Organizations; Civil Society Organizations and Private Sector.

For further information, please contact Mr. Firuz Khamidov, Communities Programme Manager, UNDP Tajikistan,; tel.: 44 600 55 96/97/98; web-site:

Handicraft development in Zeravshan valley, UNDP 2017

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