Providing market-demanded professional skills (2012 – 2014)

What is the Programme about?

The project’s aim is to improve living standards and enhance individual incomes of vulnerable population segments, including but not limited to tuberculosis (TB) infected people and their eligible family members, to unemployed, disabled, amnestied and others. This will be achieved through equipping the target group with demanded skills and qualifications to increase employment opportunities. Qualified, professional and market-demanded skills allow target people to escape from being used as cheap and unprotected manpower.


Access of TB patients and their eligible family members, to business and agriculture development skills;

Access of rural poor including unemployed, amnestied and other vulnerable groups to business and agriculture development skills.

Accomplishments so far

In 2012, in total 1,129 people, from which 214 were people with disabilities, 316 were TB patients and their family members and 559 unemployed citizens, were provided with vocational training courses and equipped by the Modular Centre in Dushanbe and its branch in Kulyab. The training courses were developed based on the needs of the targeted population, specifically on sewing and national embroidery, electric welding, basics of PC, accounting, 1C accounting, bee-keeping/honey-processing. After the completion of the courses 26.6% of the training participants have been employed, 21.2% of beneficiaries started their own business activities or were employed in state agencies.

91 loan-recipients including 30 women, representing TB patients and their close family members received loans to continue to be engaged in entrepreneurship and businesses development. It is worth to mention that the loans have been provided to target loan-recipients for agriculture production – 39 (11 female); livestock breeding – 26 (9 female); trade – 16 (9 female); purchase/repair of agriculture machinery – 6 (0 female); and bee-keeping – 4 (1 female); 

Who finances it?

GFATM (TB Project)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

$ 84,000.00

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