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The Government of Japan and UNDP renovated a search and rescue building of the Committee for Emergency Situations Tajikistan

The commissioning ceremony of the repaired building of the Republican Department of Specialized Search and Rescue Services of the Committee for Emergency Situations (CES) Tajikistan was held on April…  

First Venture Capital School to boost up startups in Tajikistan

The first Venture Capital School was inaugurated in Tajikistan on 29 March 2022 by the Business Incubator in collaboration with USAID and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

Initiatives to empower youth for a peaceful Tajikistan

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), on 27 February 2022, installed three “Creative Corners” in Shahrinav district, Isfara, and Khorog cities, equipped with digital technologies to empower the…  

Integrated Watershed and Sustainable Land Management to Build the Resilience of Local Communities in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is highly vulnerable to natural hazards due to its mountainous terrains, and often experiences flash floods, debris flows, landslides, etc.  

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