Disaster Risk Management and the Private Sector Briefing for the Private Sector Co-Sponsored by UNDP and the Chamber of Commerce of Tajikistan

undp_tjk_Disaster Risk_Management_and_the_Private_Sector_Briefing

Sughd Province, Tajikistan, 13 April 2018.

Disasters cause negative impact on the transport and water sectors in Tajikistan. Mudflows and flooding are significant causes of damage to roads which disrupt transport communication during spring and summer period The same hazards damage water systems, affecting drinking water supplies and creating personal hardship, which are particularly severe for women and children who are forced to walk long distances to collect water. These hazards lead to the reduction of water for irrigation, in turn leading to problems with the commercial and garden crop production. While these disasters affect individuals, the private sector actors involved in transport and water sector are effected by the significant financial damage as well.

Thus, on 12 April 2018 UNDP Tajikistan, together with the Chamber of Commerce of Tajikistan and in liaison with the Committee of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, held a briefing for the representatives of the Sughd private sector in transport and water. The briefing aimed to increase private sector engagement in disaster risk management and covered the nature of the hazards affecting each sector and measures to reduce disaster damage. The meeting was facilitated by Mr. Charles Kelly, UNDP Consultant on disaster management.

Increasing private sector engagement in disaster risk management also recognizes that businesses are often significant contributors to post disaster relief and recovery. This engagement should be recognized, incorporated and acknowledged as part of an overall efforts to reduce the impact of disasters. Following the recommendations provided during the briefing meeting, the above mentioned sectors are now expected to benefit from the measures to reduce disaster risks.

The briefing was organized under the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation-funded Strengthening Disaster Risk Governance in Tajikistan Project, managed by the Disaster Risk Management Programme, UNDP Tajikistan, in partnership with the Committee for Emergency and Civil Defence under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

For additional information please contact: Ms. Khursheda Aknazarova, Project Analyst, UNDP Disaster Risk Management Programme. Tel: +992(44) 6005909; Email: khursheda.aknazarova@undp.org

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