UN Resident Coordinator ai/Co-Chair of REACT

11 December 2019

Welcome, heads of REACT member organizations [international and national NGOs, the UN, the donor community and the representatives of the embassies] to the meeting. Express gratitude to Chairman of Committee of Emergency Situations (CoES) for convening the meeting. Regional Conference to follow up on Sendai Implementation.

Commend Government’s commitment to strengthen emergency preparedness and response and highlight Government’s successful and rewarding actions. Those actions include adoption of National DRR strategy, Development Programme of CoES, re-structuring of CoES focusing on strengthening its local presence and operational capacities.

Applaud Government, represented by CoES for its openness and readiness for cooperation with development partners, which resulted in number of new projects of different scale and scope contributing to Government’s preparedness for effective response (WB Project – 50 mln USD, ADB DRM Project – 11 mln USD, UNDP/GoT Japan/Russian Federation  – 10 mln USD, technical assistance of China – 8 mln USD and etc).

Express appreciation to the CoES for active involvement and leadership in the overall inter-agency emergency response preparedness issues and applaud REACT partners for active participation in inter-agency response preparedness efforts.

Highlight collective efforts of REACT partners in organization of two major Inter-Agency Simulation Exercises organized in 2019, targeted at testing existing response tools and coordination mechanisms in case of natural disaster (earthquake) and influx of refugees to Tajikistan.

Underscore, the importance of ensuring the same level of commitment and inter-agency efforts to maintain and improve operational capacities of REACT partnership for emergency response. Mention that today’s meeting expects active discussion on priority areas for collective response preparedness initiatives in 2020.

Reassure commitment by UNRC to continue supporting the REACT advocate for and guide on required emergency response preparedness strategies as agreed by REACT.

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